Hoodie by Hoodboyz |Jeans by Soorty  | Sunglasses by Giant vintage |Ring by Punk style |Shose  by Minitake


Minitake.com is a Hong Kong-based online shopping site who specializes in selling globally a wide range of inexpensive fashion goods and other related

Based in China, MiniTake.com collects all the popular and hard-to-find items with special features or unique designs. All items on the website are selling at very competitive prices with free shopping service. Our experienced and skillful shipping team is dedicated to ensure all the shipments delivering to our customer quickly and safely.
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Jacket by Hoodboyz |Jeans by Soorty  | Sunglasses by Giant vintage |Ring by Punk style |Vitage boots


Punk-Style.com is an online store featured by its good-taste and distinctive punk fashion gadgets, as well as customer-oriented services. 
Built and operated by a group of punk fashion fans, Punk-Style.com is dedicated to providing you with various kinds of meticulously selected and unique punk fashion must-haves at a reasonable price. 
And we ship worldwide from China.
Your comments and suggestions that help improve our products and services, are always highly valued by us.
Get to know us. Be unique, make a difference. 

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T-shirt by LVXWA | Jacket by Choies  | Sunglasses by Hungry |Pant by Zara |Boots by Dr.martens


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Choies.com is a global website destination for fashion-forward and IN girls to shop clothing, shoes, jewelry and accessories. Our mission is to bring heart to commerce and become the better origin of fashion inspiration. Our goal is to inspire and be inspired by cool girls all over the world.

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You can contact us by http://help.minitake.com/about-us. Please avoid sending duplicate requests as it will only increase our workload and slow down responses to you.

For urgent matters, you could contact us directly via our live chat. Our office hour is between 8:30 to 18:00 HKT/GMT+8 (lunch break between 12:00 and 13:30), Monday through Saturday except public and statutory holidays observed in Hong Kong.
Recently our Customer Service Department added a night shift from 19:00 to 01:00 HKT/GMT+8, so you can conveniently contact us during this time if you are at other time zones.
We understand the importance of addressing your questions and concerns in the most efficient manner and we will try to give you a reply within 24 hours via Customer Service. Please remember to check your email folders if a reply does not reach you after a reasonable period of time.
What is the declaration on the shipping label?
We generally send the item by a personal name and mark the item as a gift in plain package. The name of product category will normally be used as declaration, and the declaration valued of for most countries is a random value between $10 to $32 US dollars. Besides, without specific request, invoices/receipts are never included in the packages.
What payment method is accepted by Minitake?
Minitake accepts two methods of payment. Firstly, payment can be made by signing up to PayPal and using your PayPal available balance (funded by a verified bank account or credit cards).
Secondly, the western union is also available if you prefer not to sign up for a PayPal account. You can see the detail information via our e-mail when you want to pay by this way.
Is it safe to shop on-line at Minitake.com?
At Minitake.com, we guarantee your privacy and on-line shopping safety.
We are secured by a VeriSign 256bits SSL certificate to ensure that your personal information is encrypted and secure when you communicate with Minitake.com
We do not store any credit card information. All billing information is processed by PayPal.com, an online platform owned by eBay, considered the most trustworthy worldwide today. PayPal employs multiple industrial security technologies.
We occasionally send out email promotions and newsletters to our customers. These e-mail are sent very sparingly (approximately 1 per month). You can opt-in and opt-out at any time.
We will never share your personal and private information with anyone, and any personal information collected by us is only used to properly process and deliver your order.
Are we trustworthy?
From the first-hand experience of a large number of eBay members who have made purchases from Minitake, the ordering process tends to be hassle-free with most orders successfully fulfilled without issues. From time to time, there may be occasional glitches in the ordering process, but those issues can generally be resolved by the Minitake dedicated Customer Service staff.
We have customer service employees specializing in English, French and German, and the customer service is often top notch, and problems are usually resolved in a timely and professional manner.
Who are we? Where are we based?
Minitake.com is a Hong Kong-based online shopping site who specialises in selling globally a wide range of inexpensive electronic goods and other related items. Some of the most popular gadgets available on Minitake include toys, cell phones and computer accessories, rechargeable batteries and chargers, and other novelty items.
With over three thousand new products uploaded every month, Minitake.com is one-stop shopping site for all electronics lovers. Most importantly, while people form countries nearby China are enjoying the wide range China-made goods at relatively low price, we are dedicating ourselves to bring the same products to another side of the world at the similar price as you would paid if you were in China.
Minitake is also a power seller on eBay for its large and varied product range, competitive product pricing, as well as its draw-card feature of free air mail shipping on all orders ( upgradeable to Express Mail).


Jeans by Soorty | Tie by Bows'n ties  | Jacket by Levi's |Shirt by Aspecd |Shoes by zara
Shop our jeans here

Every thread, every weave and every stitch marks a milestone for us!

With an experience of more than 3 decades, Soorty is committed to create a unique fashion environment that gives the company and its clientele an edge, the company has a strong history of delivering unprecedented quality and service. In 1970’s, the company started its operation under the flagship of Zahid corporation. It began as a small spark in bubbling concoction of industrialization. Three decades of hard work, sweat and devotion, today Soorty is among the denim leaders. It creates authenticity & innovation combined with unparalleled industrial knowledge.

The passion, pride and evolution that Soorty strives for have allowed the company to establish an advance, state of the art facilities of Spinning, Denim Weaving, Garment making and laundering of garments that match the superseding product that Soorty envisions.

At Soorty, quality and ethics during production are not just considered simply as words, for us these are a must.

With a strong hold on the local and international market knowledge, the Company is all geared up to create a wardrobe for the new millennium, encompassing the trends of the fashion world and the needs of the individuals. 

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